A quick announcement regarding our website and email domain – we’ve made a change effective this week from worktopia.com.au to worktopia.cloud

So, why the change?

Cloud is what we do, and when we learned of this new domain extension we thought it a perfect fit to better articulate our affiliation with cloud technologies. It’s also just that little shorter to type!

What are our new contact details?

You can continue to email us via either @worktopia.com.au or @worktopia.cloud – the pigeons will still find us!

Considering a change to your own domain name?

The availability of new industry-specific domain extensions is quickly expanding. If an Accounting firm – how about yourbusiness.accountants? Perhaps a little lengthy that extension, but there’s plenty of them to choose from.

There is, of course, a certain sense of legitimacy gained for your business when you have a .com.au domain extension. It’s also obvious and widely recognised as an Australian website. In our case, we opted to retain our .com.au domain as well, but redirect it to our new .cloud extension.

If you are considering a domain name change, be sure to discuss and plan the migration with your IT & Web Hosting providers so not to create any downtime for your email or website. For your website, you should setup 301 (permanent) redirects from your old domain to your new one. Also, update Google via webmaster tools to advise of the change so your existing SEO rankings are carried over.

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