Northern Business Consultants (or ‘NBC’) is one of Brisbane North’s leading accounting firms and strategic business consultants – and our very first client. 

The team at NBC was striving to streamline their business systems with a strategy that would hold up into the foreseeable future. They sought a solution that would take their business IT to the next level with cloud computing.

As an accounting firm dealing with client financials, privacy and data security was one of , if not the most important considerations. Additionally, true mobility and the capability to cater to a developing offshore team was essential.

Through close engagement with NBC, we were able to dramatically better the firms internal workflows. With Office 365, the team is now truly mobile and can work from anywhere at anytime.

Clients of NBC have also benefited from our introduced systems with e-Signing that allows clients to review and sign their financial and business documents prepared by the NBC team within seconds – without printing a thing!

As an accounting firm, it was essential NBC retain easy access to a unique set of desktop/server based software such as client accounting software, however they wanted to escape the repetitive cycle of needing to maintain a remote server and the associated costs that came with it.

To solve this one, we migration these legacy applications from their remotely hosted server to Microsoft Azure. This allows NBC to scale up and down as required, and only pay for what they use –  while never having to worry about a server upgrade ever again.

The Solution
  • Migration of Email, Calendar & Contacts to Office 365
  • Move legacy server software to Microsoft Azure for remote access
  • Ongoing Staff Support
  • Business IT systems entirely in the cloud
  • More than 50% saving in annual IT spend

We Delivered A Solution

Enabling staff to become truly,

Mobile, and Efficient.

Worktopia has worked with us during the past several years to help turn our practice into a full cloud based business. For us, this has meant a real savings in costs as well as a stable and reliable system.

Worktopia has guided us for the past several years in transforming our practice into a full cloud based business. For us, this has meant real significant cost savings as well as a stable, secure and reliable system.

Tracey ChesterPartner @ NBC