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Citrix ‘XenApp Express’ to replace Microsoft Azure RemoteApp

By August 16, 2016 March 16th, 2017 No Comments

Microsoft has announced this week they are discontinuing Azure RemoteApp services in favor of a solution from their partner Citrix, which is for now being called ‘XenApp Express’.

As advocates and implementation specialist for Azure RemoteApp, this was initially disappointing news for us here at Worktopia. We’ve long been fans of Azure RemoteApp which allows us to deliver our clients a robust solution for their legacy line of business applications in the cloud.

Our team will be keeping our ears to the ground for any further developments on this new solution from Citrix and will undergo extensive testing when the solution is released as a technical preview in the fourth quarter this year, with Citrix aiming to have it in general availability by early 2017.

For all Microsoft Azure RemoteApp customers, I would like to promise, personally, that we are committed to making sure that this new service shares the workflows and experience you love about Microsoft Azure RemoteApp.

– Kirill Tatarinov (Citrix CEO)

For our existing customers using Azure RemoteApp, we’ll be working with both Microsoft and Citrix on a seamless migration plan for next year when Azure RemoteApp is discontinued. We’re anticipating this new solution from Citrix will be comparable in features and functionality, allowing us to continue to deliver a solution for our clients in accessing their business applications anywhere, on any device. It is yet unknown what pricing point this new solution from Citrix will be, however we will provide further updates as we obtain them.

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